Hi guys! I want to start writing articles more often so I think that you should know me better! Therefore, here is 25 facts about me! (not that many this is harder than I thought)

1- I'm portuguese
2- I'm 17
3- I love dogs (I have a pinscher)
4- I'm in my last year of high school
5- I'm studying sciences and technology
6- I used to write on wattpad
7- I love anime
8- I'm really shy
9- I love BTS (taehyung is my bias)

jin, rm, and bts image bts, v, and taehyung image

10- my favourite genre of music is "modern" R&B
11- I don't know what I want to study in university (I don't have any idea really)
12- I'm trying to improve my english
13- My favourite show is Game Of Thrones
14- I love black, white and pink
15- I prefer using shoes ( like oxford shoes) than sneakers

black, shoes, and fashion image black jeans, classy, and Dream image

16- My favourite season is winter
17- I don't have a favourite movie
18- I have freckles
19- My favourite clothing brand is Zara
20- I hate spiders
21- Coffee is life
22- I don't like twitter but lately I'm trying to be more active there
23- I hate white chocolat
24- I use glasses
25- I love chip cookies

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I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm going to try start writing more often! See you soon! Bye :)