Hey Omaima, It’s me. Daddy.

You probably do not know me , well, maybe because you are not here yet, and I’m just typing down some words in vain, but Dear, bear in mind ,  I would have never wasted my time if it wasn’t something I cared about ,I’m writing them from the bottom of my heart, for I will be the voice you gonna hear someday after I meet your mommy In Sha Allah. I have already named you Omaima;
a name that I loved , it stands for someone who is emotional with a very charming manner, who is eager to please and be liked in return, someone who is rather outgoing and seeks the company of others, so I really wish you would love the name I have chosen for you. I would like to see you grow up before my eyes , I hope mommy won’t get all jelous for all the attention I would give you, probably you gonna take her throne baby girl   (´・ω・`)
I was thinking about teaching you how to play the guitar, to be designer, a painter, a video-game pro, a writer, a literature critique, an Arabic poet,  and a sweet-talk detecter , just so someday when some jerk tries to impress you with that new generation’s “Check me out; honey bee” cliche , you would  knock them out, don’t you let anybody disrespect you , be your own Hero Omaima, so that when i’m gone , you could be safe , and take care of mommy too.

Salam Dear 
Your loving Father