hii, this is my first article! i'm excited to start writing them, but for my first one i want you guys to get to know me better.

lets get into it!

my name is jade, i'm a girl. i'm 16, i'm a junior in high school and i live in the usa.

i love love love music. one of my favorite genre's though is kpop (as you can tell from my account.) my favorite kpop groups are: bts, red velvet, pristin, blackpink, loona, fiestar, brave girls and many more!

some western artists that i love are partynextdoor, roy woods, the neighbourhood, mabel, and sabrina claudio, and ariana grande.

sometimes i watch tv but i most of the times i can never finish tv shows bc i get bored in the middle of them :(

some of my fave tv shows though are: the 100, gossip girl, and stranger things. I also really like kdramas too! my fave kdrama is strong woman do bongsoon! (i'm in love with park boyoung.)

anyways.,,, this was a messy lil abt me and my next articles will be wayyy more organized and have better content than this! i just wanted to do this bc i have a large following and i feel like nobody knows anything about me!!!!

if u ever wanna talk my twitter is in my bio :)