Today is saturday and i really don't feel like going on the exterior world to socialize SOOO i decided to expose here the movies i'm used to watch when i'm alone, or with a hangover, or when i just cant find anything good to watch on Netflix.

obs.: DO NOT expect a good plot ok? These movies are ridiculous (the good type of ridiculous).

90's, bella, and broken image
1º-* You Get Me* - This not so amazing movie is about a PSYCHOPATH (played by Bella Thorne cof, cof) who gets crazy in love with a boy after a night of the devil's tango AND DECIDES TO DESTROY HIS LIFE BC SHE WANTS TO. Worth mentioning that the boy does not want her, and he has a girlfriend ( that he cheats on we the psycho girl LOOKS LIKE A MEXICAN TELENOVELA)
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2º- Perfect Sisers - This movie is based on a real story (life imitates art, doesn't it). The story is about two sisters there are really close. They end up moving with their mom and little brother to a new city, cause their mom is looking for a fresh start. But that doesn't quite happen, and her mom starts to have driking problems (again) and really messing up the sisters' lives. So they decide that it is time for her mom to have the death kiss AND THEY DECIDE TO KILL HER. Because it wouldn't be easier just to runaway like teenagers do, huh.
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3º- Death Clique - Ok this is also based on a true story ( Skyler Nesse, search it up). So, two friends gather around to kill their best friend, because they don't want to be with her anymore. That's the plot. Don't expect much more of that. {Talking like that makes the movie seem way worse than it really is. It's not that great of a production but will get you hooked up for almost two hours} Ps.: i couldn't find any stills sooo...
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4º- Trust - This is not a bad movie. Not at all. It's main theme is rape, so is quite serious. The plot is: a girl named Annie starts talking with a guy she met online, and se really conects with him. After a few weeks of chatting they decide to meet. But the boy is not who he says he is, and end up raping her. The movie show the despair of her family to find out who did this to her, since Annie won't tell.
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5º- The Lovely Bones - Honestly my favorite movie on this list. Unlike the other movies, this one is AMAZING. It's plot is: A girl named susie is murdered by her neighbour, and she goes to heaven, where she meets other murdered girls, where later we come to know their story. While she is discovering incredible things in heaven, her parents are going crazy trying to find out who did this to their daughter. Susie tries to help them, sending messages from the beyond and stuff like that. IT MADE ME CRY OKAY.

So, this is it. As you can see, i'm definately not the best person to write about movies but, oh well, i tried.All theses AMAZING movies are avaliable on Netflix! Hope you enjoy this movies as much as I enjoyed them. XO XO