1. Listen to music more. Listen to it first thing in the morning, listen to it while writing, listen to it on the bus or the car or the train, listen to it late at nights. Listen to it alone and listen to it with friends. Let the best and the worst moments of your life be accompanied by music.

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2. Talk to people more. Talk about their day, talk about the latest news. Talk about the books you love, the movies you watched. Talk about art and politics and love. Complain and praise. Don't pull yourself back with those things. Talk about what bothers you, talk about what makes you happy.

3. Move your body more. Excercise, whether at home or at the gym. do sports. Play tennis, play basketball, play football. Get some dancing lessons. Stretch every day. Walk to paces and take the stairs. Take care of your bones and muscles.

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4. Take better care of your hair and face. Wash your hair every day or every other day. Use high-quality shampoos and conditioners. Brush your hair every day, a couple times. Wear face masks, always use a moisturizer. Wash your face every day and don't touch it.

5. Start learning a new language. Learn words and phrases, that you use the most in your own language. Listen to that language. Read that language. talk to people who know that language. Talk to yourself in that language. Learn the culture of that language.

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6. Make more sense of things. Stop living in confusion. Stop cluttering your mind. Stop overthinking. Everything has an explanation, everything has a reason. Feel, but don't let it overtake you. Think, but don't let it ruin you. Stop creating unnecessary problems and solve the ones that are real.

7. Educate yourself more. School is great, college is great. But education has no limits. Read more on the topic you studied today. Read more on topics you're interested in. Read about politics and science. read about art. Know whats going on in the world. Know how things work. Know more.

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8. Grow and change. Work on your insecurities, work on your flaws. Learn new things and change your mindset. Figure out your priorities. Change your appearance, change your character. Change your environment, change your connections. It's okay and it's natural.

9. Choose friends carefully. Make friends with people who like things you like. Make friends with people who think of things that you never thought of before. Make friends with people who are good at things you're terrible at. Make friends who listen, make friends who care.

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10. Be your better self. Promote your best qualities. Love as much as you can, because you love a lot. Think and share thoughts, and show that you care. Be your nicest self, be your happiest self, be your most hardworking self, be your kindest self.

These are all my resolutions for 2018. I'm really excited, this year my life is changing drastically, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I hope everyone has an amazing year!

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