While learning to play an instument on your own is an amazing and fun experience, you can be lost at times when you don't really know what you should be doing to get better or when you feel like you don't get any progress.

I'm going to give you a few tips to help you get started and efficient in your learning process!

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N° 1: Don't do it all on your own!

Simply sitting in front of your instrument, wondering how the hell it works won't do you any good. You might even learn the wrong way! Being a self-taught pianist or violinist or antyhting else... doesn't mean you have to do every single bit of learning by yourself.
Do some research. Look at some youtube videos. Find online lessons. You'll get started faster this way and you'll get better even faster.

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N°2: Practice every day.

Now that sounds annoying, right? I know but don't be scared away by the word "practice" because all you have to do to start practicing is to play a little something everyday. You can play through a piece or do even one exercice and you can be done. What matters most is that you're consistent with your practice.

Also, practicing with a metronome is important. Don't neglect it. I did, it wasn't a good idea.

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N°3: Record yourself.

It might sound weird because you don't really want to record yourself at first when you play like the beginner that you are. However it does really make a difference! Hearing yourself play helps you see if your ryhtm is right or if you played the right notes. You can also make other people listen to it so that they can give you their feedback on it.

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N°4: Play pieces that you like and start slow

It will keep you motivated and since they are pieces that you have listened to a lot, you will be sure to get the rythm right or else you'll hear it in your recordings. However, don't get all excited and start learning Paganini on your first day! Start slow. Find among the pieces that you like the ones that you can play at your level. Then, try to find the ones that will bring a little bit of challenge so that you can get gradually better.

Well, I hope this was useful to any of you. I'll try to find some new tips for next time. Maybe I'll focus on tips for piano.

I'll get back to practice after I've finished studying for my mock exams ( I'm a french student. I hope my english is okay! )

Well then,
XOXO, my artists~

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