Hello beautiful hearters,
As christmas is approaching and with Santa on his way, here are things you might wanna try to get into full christmas/holiday mood. Without further due, let's start.

1.Decorate christmas tree

christmas, girl, and hair image christmas, hair, and winter image

2. Give gifts.

christmas, present, and winter image christmas, winter, and present image

3. Try DIY christmas treats

christmas, Cookies, and holiday image
christmas, winter, and Cookies image christmas, Cookies, and winter image

4. Light Christmas candles

christmas, candle, and winter image christmas, candle, and winter image
candle, christmas, and red image

5. Watch Christmas movies

narnia, Lucy, and snow image
christmas, gif, and grinch image home alone, christmas, and winter image

6. Wear cozy Christmas sweaters

christmas, light, and sweater image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

7. Christmas indoor chillin'

christmas, winter, and home alone image
christmas and winter image christmas, book, and winter image

8. Go outside and enjoy the beauty of winter.

winter, snow, and christmas image
winter, christmas, and snow image winter, girl, and coffee image

Now have a great christmas and happy holiday!

xoxo- Tseyang