So I had this HUGE crush and you could tell he liked me back lets just call him Alex. Me (Arizona) and Alex starting dming on instagram and I was so excited because it was actually going well, like we hung out a couple times and it was really great. So then my school had this like fall ball thing and he was obviously there and so were all the other boys in my grade. I walked up to Alex and he was like "Oh hey Ari" like nothing special or anything, and with no expression and like I thought, oh maybe hes just not having a good day. So after that little chat I go other and talk to some other guys, but not purposely I just went and talked to all my other friends. The fall ball finally finished and the next day after school I decided to dm Alex, and I said "Hey Alex, it's too bad we didn't get to chat at the dance I hope we can get together soon" and I just wait for him to respond. About like 20 hours later I check again NO RESPONSE and then I guess like a week later I remember about our dms and I check it and I still don't get a response. About 2 days after I had last checked the dms I was obviously so scared to go to school, I look around to see if Alex is anywhere and he's nowhere to be seen, at first I thought he was also scared to go to school. Everyone put their supplies in their lockers and sat down for class and the teacher made an announcement, he said "Unfortunately Alex has moved to Georgia" and in my head I was like, WHAT GEORGIA?! Oddly I was actually really upset because I thought we could have what we had before again. So from that day I never saw Alex again, HEY wait wait wait yes he eventually did respond to my dm and we talk :)