Hi! So, this is my first article and I wanted to make like a type of series where I explain and give advice on certain topics that I feel that most people go through like: high school, acceptance, confidence, and this time is body issues and how to accept the body that we live in. I also wanted to write this because I'm a teen and I'm going through all of that like you guys, at the same time.
Soooo, I have issues with my body, where I live in the typical stereotype of beauty is to be skinny, and to be short. IDK why, maybe it's because short girls are seen by men like super cute and adorable and fragile, someone that you can take care of.( I don't have anything against short girls to clarify) Well I'm not like that, I'm tall, not that skinny, and I have a lot of hair (like, everywhere), I know there is nothing bad with being like that, but sometimes I feel like I'm not cute enough as the other girls. Also, girls are seen as they always have to be perfect and that isn't true at all, perfection doesn't exist. You know what's perfect? Diversity is perfect. Different is perfect.
All of this that I feel about my body needs to be changed, I have to learn to accept myself.
But, you may be wondering, how do I do that?
You know, I always see this body positivity campaigns and I feel like they are great, but in most cases they don't change anything or how you feel, they don't change the perception of others about this topic. And then it hit meee: you don't have to rely on this campaigns, if you want to truly accept yourself with all your flaws you just go and do it. Everything relies on you, you have the power to change your mindset, and love your body. And if there are other people who don't like your body it's their problem, not yours. It's them that have to change the way they see things, it's them that need to realize that perfection doesn't exist, it's them that are wrong for judging you. Also it isn't good to judge other people about the appearance of their body, think about if you would like if someone made fun of you for...being you. That's completely messed up.
You just gotta remember that you are unique, you are different, no one is like you, you are a whole universe, you are cute, you are sexy, and you just rock it!!
Sometimes the reason why we feel bad about ourselves is that we feel like we aren't as pretty as the others, and I just want you to know that you are the prettiest person in this world, and that there might be people in this world that won't value you, so don't listen to them, if you truly believe that you are beautiful nothing will stop you.
You need to know that your body is your temple and you gotta take care of it, and accept it.
Look at yourself in the mirror every morning before work or school, and instead of focusing in all of the parts that you don't like, focus on what you like and focus on the fact that the body that you have is your house, is where that little voice that you have in your head lives; you gotta look at yourself and say: " I truly with the bottom of my heart love you"

Keep swimming loves,