There’s been a lot of drama revolving around Melanie Martinez and Timothy Heller. These are just my personal views on the situation. If you stan Melanie, or get offended easily, please note that I’m not judging your decisions. These are just my own personal views, from knowing a sexual assault victim, and hearing countless stories from others. I wasn’t there, none of us were, so please no spewing hate.

Melanie has been accused of sexual assault on Timothy Heller, for those who don’t know. She’s an ex-best friend of Melanie, who claims she has been abused,

A lot of Melanie’s fans have been unstanning her, while others have been showing countless support.

“How could Melanie do this?! She’s so sweet and innocent!” Is the first thing people automatically assume.

You DON’T know celebrities when they’re out of the public eye, You ARE NOT their best friend, so don’t automatically presume what they can or cannot do.

“But, Melanie said she never said no! So what if she was high?!”

Just because someone doesn’t say no, or seems to enjoy it, DOES NOT mean it’s consent. Consent means they’ve fully and one hundred percent have agreed to having sexual intercourse.

And for the being high argument. Being high or under the influence, depending on the person, can affect their choices and mindset. If someone was drunk, would you ask them to have sex with you? No, because there’s no sober consent. It’s the same thing with being high.

Timothy did not give Melanie consent, even if she never said no.

Multiple people are accused of lying in the media when it comes to sexual assault allegations. This just convinces actual victims to suffer in silence, and to not get the justice they deserve. This makes them think that it was their fault, or that people won’t believe them.

So please, don’t accuse people of lying when it comes to their sexual assault and abuse stories, even if you don’t know the truth. This affects actual victims’ confidence in coming out and openly sharing their stories.

Thank you for reading this, if you have read the whole way through. I’m not going to promote anything, as I feel as though that’d be entirely disrespectful to the topic and victims.

Please don’t suffer in silence. Get help, whether it be for mental illness, sexual assault, abuse, or addictions. You are loved, and your voice deserves to be heard.

alex. x