Dear Belle ,
Yes I said belle , you love that name so stick to it (stick to anything you love).

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Belle, 2017 was a bit wild... wasn't it?
Let me suggest you things to do.. first of all,

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Read more books : (no matter how much you love the harry potter series read other books ffs.)

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Exercise more and eat healthy : Our wishes and goals gets a bit hard when you don't have enough strength to go after them.

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Organize : organisation will make life 50 % easier for you.

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Put your heart in the palm of your hand: being kind is a necessary but life gets harder each year and you have yo get a bit tougher

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Learn : get yourself educated , learn what you love the most ( cooking , poetry , languages , decorating , etc , etc , etc...)

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Journal : Start a new journal and stay on track with everything.

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Take more selfies : It's always fun , isn't it?

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Pray : never ever miss a single prayer. Remember Allah so he remembers you..

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( it sounds a bit silly writing that but i feel good About it and i will be writing more of it, thank you for reading <3 )