It both feels good and tiring to write this post. What I mean by this is that I love being able to release my emotions in articles, but this week was pretty hard for me. As always, I will try to stay positive for you, because I think that there are too many sad things every day to read some more of them. Weheartit is our happy place and let me keep it this way.

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December is finally here. My favourite month and time of the year. What makes me so exciting about it?

First thing is the break. We all are exhausted and we dream about some rest. Nowadays, we are in such a rush. Christmas is perfect to charge up. Free time for films, TV series and books, isn't that ideal?

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Next thing I love about Christmas is its magic atmosphere. Music, decorations. I really like being able to make my room picture-perfect with lights, chains...

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And the last thing is snow! Also the feeling of warmth inside a house. Watching the fireplace and siting in warm pyjamas under the blanket, it's just amazing for me.

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