Before you start, I think you need to know that this article is about self doubt and caring about the other's opinion. I'm sorry if this article isn't what you thought it was or isn't interesting for you.

I am a defender of the notion of " Being yourself without caring about the other's opinion". I tell everyone that they should do whatever they want without thinking about what people will say about it.
But for me, this doesn't work.
I'm a very sensible person and even if I do something I feel comfortable with, a comment from someone can make me feel bad about it.
For example, at my school, my friends and I found a guy with a very similar haircut than mine, because I have a boyish haircut, and also a very similar coat. My friends say that he's my double and I feel really bad about it because when we're both turned back we looked identical.
Cutting my hair short was probably the best thing I've ever done in my life , I feel so beautiful, ad I usually have a lot of trouble to find myself pretty.
But when I feel a bit confident, there's another comment coming my way. One of my aunt told me that I looked like a boy, with a disgusted face. Like I became some kind of monster of something. I'm way too sensible to find a come back or to contradict them, so I just laugh and move on.

I really needed to say this because, for me, We Heart It is a place where I found inspiration and where I feel accepted.
So, please, don't be like me and love yourself because you're all beautiful and handsome;you deserve to be happy.