So today is day two of the writing challenge and apparently I have to write about something that someone told me about myself that I'll never forget. I'm not really sure if this counts but it is something that was about me and I won't forget it.
So let me set the scenery.

It was break at school the birds were chirping and the sky was blue (just joking).On a serious note, it was break at school and my friend and I were talking about something deep and she just told me that she had a feeling that one day I'd be known for doing something good. Of course I thought she was crazy but what she said lingered at the back of my mind from then on. Even today I don't know if that would ever happen, not because of lack of self belief, but what are the chances?

stars, sky, and night image
Don't forget to shoot for the furthest star you can.

I hope you had a great day today.