i don't know you.

perhaps i never will.

but yet, i still remember all those little details that matter.

i know what you favorite color is.

i know about those silly mistakes you've made.

i know that you use your hands when you talk.

i know that you like eating pizza everyday.

i know that you care about your friends a lot.

i see and listen to a lot of things, and realize things that i shouldn't.

but like i said, i don't know you.

i don't know you, but there is a sense of knowing about you.

the truth is, i miss you.

all the time.

every second,

every minute,

every hour,

every day.

yet i barely know you.

i hate not being able to see you.

and your smile.

and your eyes.

those gosh darn brown eyes.

to hear your voice.

your laugh.


i am so in love with you, but i'm getting used to the fact that i'm never going to be good enough.

you've got her, and she has you.

and that's okay, your happiness is all that matters.

as said, "when your happiness is someone else's happiness, that is love."

life sucks without you.

getting a text from you changes my whole mood.

i go to sleep every night thinking of you.

yes, i realize how weird that last thought might sound. reading that was probably very uncomfortable.

and i can't get over the fact of how much i love you.

i love the way you treat your friends.

i love the way you use your hands when you talk.

i love how you respond to different problems, not wanting to ever purposely hurt anyone.

and i love that little face you make when someone calls your name.

and only you can give me that feeling.

love will definitely fuck you over more than drugs ever will.

i miss you so much.

i hope you are my future.

and like i said, i don't know you.

but i would like to.

- alana.