Hi, my name is Naomie. This is my first article so please be kind. My first topic is five problems with social media. I love social media and trust me I use it all the time but it does have it's downsides.

The first problem I see with social media is bullying. I see hate on every social media platform and it hurts me because no one deserves that. Social media can be a way to express yourself and be creative and no one should hate someone for doing that.

The second problem I see is the effect it can have on people. I myself struggle with this. I always see those beautiful Instagram models and I compare myself to them. They're allowed to post all those things but sometimes when you come across a picture of them flaunting they're skinny body you can't help it but compare yourself. I know everyone should be confident in their own beauty but it's not always easy.

The third problem with social media is that once you put something on there it's forever. We all make mistakes and sometimes post something online that we shouldn't and sadly it's there forever. Please be careful about what you post.

The fourth problem I see is the privacy. Social media has become a place where you have little to no privacy no matter how hard you try. It's so easy to get hacked these days and then someone has all you're information. There's also stalkers on social media. We post so much about our daily lives it's so easy for someone to stalk us.

The final problem I see with social media is how we spend our lives on it and were not really present in the moment. Not everyone is like this but most of the younger generation is. This is sad. Better than hanging out with friends we're just posting it all to Snapchat and Instagram. We're consumed by social media and checking it multiples times a day.

Social can be good but also had it's problems. I hope you enjoyed my first article. Have a wonderful day.