Hi lovely hearters, so I decided to do a list to do with my friends cause we love enjoying moments with them don't we ?

Plan a vacation together and go ✈️

travel, passport, and goals image friends, adventure, and travel image

Hot-air ballon adventures

air, hot air ballon, and sky image hair and hot air ballon image

Get tattoos

tattoo, alien, and tumblr image Tattoos, cute, and friends image

Road trip without a destination

friends, travel, and summer image friends image
and make a day out of wherever you end up

Pull a prank together

always, behind the scenes, and bromance image best friends, laughing, and prank image

Spend a day watching Netflix

friends, night, and sleepover image girl, food, and friends image
eating junk, and not caring about the world.

Write letters to each other to open in 10 years.

letters, vintage, and Letter image letters, vintage, and tumblr image

Go camping together

camping, forest, and lake image night, friends, and fire image

Spend time together every day for 1 year.

jd and jason dean image sleep, friends, and nature image

Go on a photo shoot together

camera and girl image girl, dress, and friends image

Go on double date

friends, summer, and festival image riverdale, jughead, and betty cooper image

Go on a shopping spree for each other

friends, shopping, and style image shopping, shoes, and friends image

Go trick-or-treating

best friends, dark, and Halloween image party, Halloween, and vintage image
even if you’re in your twenties.

Go stargazing

friends, night, and stars image friends, light, and night image

Rent a house for a couple day or a week

friends, autumn, and light image girl, party, and pool image

Go on a festival or a concert with them

friends, best friends, and friendship image grunge image

Go to an amusement park

fun, Roller Coaster, and vintage image boy, disneyland, and friend image

The End ! xoxo