bonsoir,bonjour , à tous ,whatever the time is when you're reading this
i hope that you are well my fellow hearts .
anyway i've been on we heart it for a while now and i noticed that this genre of article is getting quiet popular among us and to be honest i can understad why , after all this is a mean of communication and a way to get to know people , so i told myself why not ??
so here are some facts about me , hope that by the end of this article you'll get an idea of who i am
#fact N1:
my name is anissa yasmine and that can be translated as " miss jasmine ", and yes i have two names , wich adding my last name can be quiet long but i still like it , im 18 (im getting old T_T)
#fac N2:
im algerian , muslima wears the hijab and damn proud about it

#fact N3:
i study business and economics . and . i. love it
to be honest that wasn't my first choice and i got a little upset when i was given it at first but as the time passed and i keep learning more about it , at some point i just ..... felt content ,i love my studies and that's that

#fact N4:
i love literature , especially english literature
as a kid i wasn't a big fan of books , i remember my mama used to make me read small french books like " les trois mousquetaires" and i had to do a small summary to see if i actually did read the book or just skiped it
but as i got older and started to read in english i just suddnly found my self obssessed ,now my mom has to debate with me to get me to leave my books and start living like an actual human being
and not long ago i actually started writing and here i am ..

#fact N5:
i speak , arabic , french , english , tamazight(kabyle) , little japenese and currently trying to learn spanish
i learned french when i was about 3 years old i guess and english when i was 5

#fact N6:
my friends are crazy and i love them dearly especially my best friend imene

#fact N7:
i love chocolate in fact if im mad at you all you have to do is give me some chocolate and all is forgoten :p

#fact N8:
i am an artist, as long as i can remember i've always loved drawing , painting

art, drawing, and eye image
art, black&white, and magic image

#fact N9:
i my dear hearts am an otaku "manga lover,anime,video games..ect"
and NO anime and cartoons are NOT the same thing

Otaku, anime, and kawaii image

#fact N10:
i am both a lazy and sportif person ( i'm complicated ,i kown i've been told this since as long as i can remeber from everyone in my life at least once) ; i enjoy my naps , my lazy mornings and every single minute of peace and sleep i can get
BUT , i also enjoy getting in shape and working out it helps with the stress and to blow some steam off

coffee, black, and lights image

#fact N11:
i hate discrimination , people who think they have a right to judge people without even trying to know them , ignorant people , haters , mindless sheeps, those who follow whatever information is thrown at them without even trying to understand or think for themselves

#fact N12:
my favorite author is john green

cara delevingne, book, and paper towns image

#fact N 13:
i love fashion,make up,and yes i may be wearing the hijab but that doesn't stop me from looking fabulous in it

hijab, style, and fashion image beautiful, fashion, and girls image

#fact N14:
i like chemistry

#fact N15:
sometimes i wear glasses

#fact N16:
i have hazel eyes ^0^

art, blue, and colorful image

#fact N17:
i'm a big fan of hamilton the musical by the genuis lin manuel miranda and personally one of the best animators on youtube on hamilton is szin she is amazing

alexander, hamilton, and john image
hamilton and schulyer image
hamilton, sisters, and angelica image
alexander and hamilton image
alexander and hamilton image
alexander, hamilton, and john image
szìn image
eliza fanart by the one and only szin

hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me , little stranger a little bit more , and i would like to thank anyone who took the time to stop here to get to know me and if you can give my three other articles a chance i would really appreciate it i'm open to any comments, critics and opinion and it will help me improve myself and my writing..., another fact about me is that i like meeting new people so if you'd like to chat or maybe need someone to talk to well i'm all ears soooo yeah , till next time inchaallah by😘😉😊