There are so many things that gives us a little bit of happiness - even if for a couple of seconds, but we are so used to focusing to negative that they usually don't even come to our minds. That's why I decided to list few of the things you might not think about at the end of the day. But actually - you have experienced so many pleasant moments in your life.

Happiness is:

♚ petting a puppy
♚ seeing stars in a clear sky
♚ blowing out candles
♚ wearing a new outfit
♚ laying down after a long day
♚ smell of the air right after rain
♚ seeing a sea/ ocean
♚ laughing with people who mean a lot to you
♚ writing with a really good pen
♚ hugging someone you've missed
♚ hearing someone's heartbeat
♚ seeing a butterfly (especially, in spring - the first butterfly of the year is always special)
♚ trees that are easy to climb and comfortable to sit on
♚ hearing how much you mean to someone
♚ making someone laugh
♚ going to sleep after putting new sheets on your bed
♚ swinging on a swings
♚ listening to songs that perfectly reflects your mood
♚ buying a new pair of shoes (at least me personally it really makes happy, but maybe I just love shoes too much ;D)
♚ people smiling when they greet you
♚ hearing a sincere "thank you" after you've helped
♚ a text or a phone call from a friend/ family member
♚ checking pockets of an old jacket and finding money
♚ warm blanket on a cold winter evening
♚ taking a long, hot bath
♚ long walks in nature
♚ sitting by a bonfire in a late night
♚ having a clean room
♚ eating something you were craving for a while
♚ getting your back scratched
♚ feeling welcomed
♚ getting a good grade on a hard test
♚ drinking something cold on a hot day
♚ drinking something hot on a cold day
♚ car rides/ road trips
♚ going to a place you've never been
♚ being awake when sun rises
♚ drawing, writing, etc, when you feel inspired
♚ feeling confident
♚ getting a real compliment
♚ neck kisses
♚ jumping on trampolines
♚ light shining through trees
♚ falling asleep while it's raining outside
♚ reading a good book
♚ crying to a truly emotional movie
♚ taking a great picture
♚ deep conversations
♚ when someone is braiding your hair
♚ the feeling of tiredness when you know it won't take long to fall asleep
♚ knowing that someone relates to something you think/ feel, when you thought it was weird

Maybe it's not too much, but it's something to hold on to. I'd love to hear what makes you feel good - feel free to message me. :)