Hello loves :) So,today i decided to write an other Christmas article.Firstly,i wanna say a huge thanks to Kenzie(@Simplistic_Skies )and to Tabitha(@TypicalGirl48 ) because these two amazing girls tagged me to take this ''challenge''.

If you want ,you can check out their ''Christmas Tag'' articles too :)

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And now without more info,let's begin..

❄️ What's your favorite Christmas movie?

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Home Alone of course<3

❄️ What's your go-to Christmas playlist?

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I love lots of songs,like ''Last Christmas'' and ''All I want for Christmas is you''.

If you wanna know my favorite Christmas songs,then just read my ''Christmas Playlist'' article.


❄️ Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?

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Shh..This is a secret ;)

❄️ Your must-have Christmas accessory?

christmas, book, and light image cozy, book, and jeans image christmas, winter, and fitness image fashion, girl, and style image
Sweaters,fuzzy socks and books (if books count like an accessory haha)

❄️ What has been your best memorable Christmas stocking?

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I really don't know(basically i can't remember).Every year is unique!

❄️ Your ideal Christmas Eve?

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Reading a book,watching a good Christmas movie,wearing my fuzzy shocks and my ''Christmas pyjamas'' and standing near to the fireplace.

❄️ What's on your Christmas list?

harry potter, book, and gryffindor image christmas, holiday, and starbucks image
Books,books and more books<3

❄️ Your Typical Christmas morning?

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Eating pancakes,playing in the snow with my family,reading a book and then playing board games!!!

❄️ Christmas Essentials?

christmas, coffee, and winter image xmas image
Books,movies,pyjamas,mugs,fuzzy socks,oversized sweaters and definetely snow<3

❄️ Christmas to-do list?

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Cooking,shopping,spread the love and have fun ;)

❄️ Something you dread this season?

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Hmm..probably that someone (because of different problems) won't have the Christmas that deserves..

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