Hi guys! If you haven’t heard, today, Camila Cabello’s song “Real Friends” (and “Never Be The Same”) was released. I’m a huge fan of hers, and I think this song really added to the love. (Songs will be linked at the bottom.)

Well, this song has inspired me to write today’s article. I want to keep this lighthearted, but we all know that real friends nowadays are really hard to find. Obviously this can be an everyday occurrence, but no one really talks about it too much, so I will be writing this in hopes of opening up conversation. (I will also be writing more articles similar to this in the near future.)

“I’m just looking for some real friends,
All they ever do is let me down,
Every time I let somebody in,
Then I find out what they’re all about...”

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First of all, can I just talk about the music? In the music industry today, there are very few songs that speak out about real life problems, and not love. Don’t get me wrong, love is a beautiful thing, and many songs sound gorgeous, but it’s gets tiring sometime. Fortunately, artists are making an effort now to incorporate something different into their music. I’ll definitely make an article / list on this, but some of my favorites are:

  • Real Friends - Camila Cabello
  • 1 800 273 8255 - Logic
  • F.F.F. - Bebe Rexha
  • Etc...

But, this article isn’t to talk about music. It is here to talk about the lack of genuine people out here. I’m not targeting this at anyone, but I’m also not saying I’ve never felt left out or surrounded by people who actually don’t like me.

And what’s the problem? Lots of people are okay with not everyone liking them, and I am too. But having someone act as your friend, only to be betrayed in the end? That’s a fake friend. That’s the problem.

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Yes, it’s rude to turn someone down or exclude someone, but you can not take advantage of people, and get their hopes up if you are just going to emotionally kill them later.

Trustworthy friends are so hard to find now. And, I’m writing this because people don’t notice how big an impact it can be. Feeling betrayed and used can actually lead to a lot of problems in the long run. Not just filing a bullying report, but also depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Even suicide.

As I’ve said in the beginning, I want to keep this as light as I can, but there are just some things that need to be said, and this is one of the them.

When your “friend” is constantly making excuses and turning you down, that’s probably a way to tell when they are not really your friend. And there it is again. There goes another problem presenting itself....

What if you are doing everything for them? What if you are truly loyal to them? What if you would die for them?

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You really never know the difference between a loyal friend, and a stick in the ass b*tch until you have personally experienced it.

And man, do I have stories.

But, I won’t bore you with this already pretty long article. I know school (especially) can be pretty tough. There is already the stress of getting good grades, I’m sure you don’t a friend problem added to your plate.

There are a million people in the world, who probably have went through this same feeling. I have. I’m sure my friends have. I’m sure my family has. I’m sure everyone at one point has felt like someone used them.

Everyone always complains about having fake friends and talks about the difficulty of having them. But why don’t we just physically stopping being fake? Why don’t we just stop being two-faced?

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I think the worst part is when you rely on them, they back out. Whenever there is a hard situation for anyone, they leave. When it’s too hard to function, they leave you to figure it for yourself. They leave you when you’re vulnerable, and unable to think straight. When they don’t even know what is going on, but they know something is wrong.... and leave before bothering to even help. It’s never going to be easy, but friends support each other no matter what. No one can choose when they want someone in their life. No one should be the “backup plan”, or the “leftover”.

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And let me just say:

I have gone through a lot this year, and not that I’m ungrateful, but I do wish things could’ve been better. So, if you need to talk about literally anything, I’m here, and my DMs are always open!!

Thank you for reading. I wished you guys didn’t have to suffer the existence of fake friends, but unfortunately that’s the society that we live in...

Real Friends- Camila Cabello: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bg7RjxsghNY

~ Caylie

(P.S. Sorry I haven’t written a winter article, I’m working on one in hopes of posting it tomorrow!)

(P.P.S. I’m sorry for this being such a debby-downer article. But I had to rant...)