Hey guys! I wanted to bring you guys part 2 because frankly there are too many kdramas that are just too good and I've watched more dramas from when I last updated.
I hope you enjoy these recommendations! Also, recommend me some dramas as well! Just send a postcard to me, I'll be more than happy to receive them! Hope you're having a good day/ night! Until the next article... Leggooooooo --------->

Hello My Twenties (Age of Youth 2)

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I was so excited for Age of Youth 2 and the wait was worth it! Again, this show is soooo relatable and the events that happen is a reflection of what happens in day to day lives. Also it's real, by that I mean there is sex talk and porn. They don't explicitly show the porn because it's blurred but you'd get the gist if you saw the show. Not saying this is what makes the show real but these topics are seen as a taboo but its what happens everyday so that fact that it's included in the show, idk it just makes it more real? Also, the new characters, they fit right into the cast and played their roles so well! We get more drama, cutesy romance and quite a few heartbreaking moments so have your tissues by your side!

Fight For My Way

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If you're a die hard fan of Park Seo Joon then you're gonna be swooning every second of this show! This is a 'friends who despise each other turned lovers' kind of a story that I definitely enjoyed! 4 friends who have normal day to day jobs but wish to accomplish something more. I really liked how Seol Hee said it straight - she just wants to be a mother. That's something that can definitely be a woman life dream but I feel like in society people look down on that because it's seen that being a mother instantly pauses you're career path? Idk but I just thought her story was special. Above all that, I won't lie to you, it can be a bit slow at times but once you're passed that it's okay. Loads of banter and cuteness and again - PARK SEO JOON SWOON WORTHY AF!!!


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Okay, I'm not gonna lie to y'all, I just watched this because of Jaejoong. HE'S SO HANDSOME I CANT FUNCTION! But again, it's gonna sound like I'm saying this show is not good but then why would I be recommending it? Well, I enjoyed everything apart from the main characters romance. Bong Pil travels back and forth in time through a manhole to stop the love of his life from marrying a guy whom he does not like. But travelling back and forth, alot happens and he finds out many things about his friends which is a shock. What I did like though was the relationship between him and his friend Jinsook whom who likes him romantically but he just doesn't know. The way this part was uncovered was quite sad but for me was the highlight of the show. For the main romance - I did not enjoy it at all. And I don't hate the actress but I just did not like her character, she was slow and oblivious to a lot of things, it was tug of war with her throughout the whole show. Idk, watch the show and you'll see what I mean. I believe this is a remake but the plot is clever and is very action packed. Every episode is a different period in the past or the present which is interesting and everytime the clock strikes 12am he travels either back or forth in time, sot he next episode shows what happens in that time. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

While You Were Sleeping

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CAN WE TALK ABOUT WOOTAK AND HOW BADLY HE STOLE MY HEART!!!!! Okay, first of all this is the kdrama that is up there with the status of Goblin, Uncontrollably Fond, Scarlet Heart Ryeo etc. The cinematography for this show is beautiful, the earthy tones and aesthetic makes it so appealing visually. And the plot is very clever. Jaechan, Hongjoo and Wootak are all linked together and help each other out because they know what will happen to each other. Watch the show to know how they are linked because I don't want to give spoilers. The characters are very humorous and lets just say beautiful, Suzy, Jongsuk and Haein are clever and thoughtful characters that you will fall in love with instantly. And the show is meant to kind of make you grow a disliking for Yoobeom but I liked him, he's clever but what he does is what viewers would dislike and I feel the same way. But nevertheless I fall for the villains easily so I grew a liking towards him...

OKAY THIS DESERVES ITS OWN PARAGRAPH BECAUSE - WOOTAK!!! KOREA HAS ITS PRINCE AND THATS WOOTAK. I got second lead syndrome sooooo BAD. Everytime Wootak was in a scene he would literally light it up, he was so down to earth, thoughtful and ADORABLE! HE IS THE HUSBAND MATERIAL. And umm, with a face that cute and a body like that he is the ultimate guy. I guarantee you will fall for Wootak as well. And Wootak was very different to other characters, he just knew that he couldn't pursue his love for Haein so he admired her and cared for her without overstepping the boundaries or making it obvious to the male lead which was refreshing. There was no jealousy or hatred between the 2nd and 1st lead which is something very different for kdramas and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I'm sure you will to!


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May I just say that I think this is one of the best kdramas I have watching in 2017! I've never really watched a sci-fi kdrama before and this one is definitely the best one to start off with. I liked the fact that there was barely any romance in this so you really got to focus on the events that take place. Circle is split into two parts, one half of the episode takes place in 2017 and the second half takes place in 2037. In 2017 Twin brothers Bumgyun is trying to convince Woojin that the alien that landed before their eyes when they were kids is in fact an alien but this leads Bumgyun into dangerous water when he gets kidnapped thus Woojin and the 'alien' try to find Bumgyun however he stumbles across life changing secrets about himself, his brother, his father and the alien oh and his college headmaster :) But in 2037, Bumgyun is trying to find Woojin but the world has totally changed in 20 years and nothing is the same as not everyone has there memories anymore...
Honestly it makes sense when you watch it but what I liked about this show is that there was many links from the past to the present and a lot of shocking moments. Loved the cast and the little funny moments to. And a satisfying ending as well!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy these dramas!
I think the next recommendations will be in 2018 so you'll hear from me then!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Years celebration!