Hello everyone! Today’s challenge is to write about my passions/what I really like to do. I loved this challenge because I know what I want to write about since the second I read this.
On this article I’m going to write about writing! Since I was little that I have been interested in reading and writing. When I started my first year of elementary school I already knew all the alphabet and already knew how to read some words. Being like this, I remember going to my granddad’s house and asking him for a paper and I used to write short stories. I still have one of those! Ahaha so as you can tell, writing and reading has always been a big part of me. As I’m growing old this is becoming a need and when I don’t write for a few days I always feel like something is missing. It’s like that is a part of me I can’t live without. My life goal would be to write a book. I’m still not sure about the type of book I would want to write but I still have time ahah. Even if I ever do write that book, I don’t know if I will ever publish it but I know that I will be proud of me anyways. Unfortunately I can’t take a degree on writing because I don’t have the grades I need but I am completely sure that that will not stop me from doing what I love.

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Well, I know this post was a little small but I think I said everything I wanted to say without repeating myself. I hope you have a great day and you should totally try this challenge yourself !