Hello my beauties!

Quick little A/N, imma start posting everyday, because I have a lot of free time, because I have no life, but I am also still in school and school comes first always, so yeah, you if I don't post on one day, please don't murder me!

So, today I am going to be talking about Natural Beauty and Makeup.
Now that may seem a little bit confusing because I'm talking about natural beauty and then I'm talking about makeup, and your getting really confused and blah, blah, blah.
But what I'm actually going to talk about how to get a makeup look that looks natural.

•Skin care is a super important part of this look because we want this look to look natural and sort of dewy.
•The weather in Vancouver is very cold, so you really have to be sure to exfoliate your face in the morning, and then moisturize after you're done.
•It's probably a good idea to use a face mask if you really wanna get the extra dewy, fresh skin look.
•One of my favorite masks to use the black face mask from BEAUTYCOUNTER.
•This one specific tip is sort of a long term one to make you skin less greasy, but try and limit the amount greasy and sugary snacks from you diet, you can still eat them, just don't pig out.

•You want your lips to stand out from the rest of your face, meaning you don't want to put foundation over top of your lips (I've seen some people do it, and it looks really, really, really bad).
•If you really wanna go for the natural makeup look, then maybe just go for a tinted lip balm, like burts bees or something.
•I don't really have preference to pinker colors over nude shade, but if you have really light skin and you want a natural look then maybe go for a light pink lip.

•Try and go lighter on the eye makeup and just stick to the basics if you really wanna go for the natural look.
•I really only like to go apply mascara, but sometime I don't because I already have really long and naturally curled lashes.
•If you decide that you want to put eyeshadow then stick to some natural browns.