So I noticed a bunch of you guys are following my branding inspirations collection. I thought I would share a bit about the online brand I am trying to create. Feel free to share your brand with more! Maybe we can collaborate?

My Target Market
Teenage English speaking females in the United States or Europe

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Customer Psychographic
She enjoys looking girly but is also down to earth. She much prefers very feminine, elegant clothes with girly fabrics and colors. She is very artsy and dreamy. Her hobbies would include painting, writing, reading, and photography.

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My Brand's Profile
Name: Castle

Slogan: Dress your kingdom

Signature Colors: Pink, Purple, White and Gold

Signature Sound: The Glow by Sharon Saunders

Brand Narrative: We are a company devoted to outfitting and inspiring princesses across the continental United States. We aim to provide beautiful and practical inspiration to social media. We share outfits inspire princess for any occasion.

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Brand Pillars

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Brand Promise
We promise to always provide and show feminine, trendy clothes. No customer will find our clothes uncomfortable. Everything about our brand and products will be magical enough to make every girl feel like a princess.

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My CBBE Model
Brand: Castle

Salience: Feminine, upper casual-casual clothes for teen girls

Imagery: Girlish colors, artsy, feminine
Performance: Less durable, pretty, comfortable fabrics

Feelings: Sweet, Pretty
Judgement: Good looking, Easy to throw on

Resonance: Feminine and sweet, perfect for artsy and girlier teenage girls

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Consumer Profile

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Brand Mood Board

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Applicable Social Media
WeheartIt: Dreaming Daisy
Instagram: QueenOfStarbucks2
Polyvore: Dreaming Daisy
Blog: Dreamy Designs

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