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I’m back with the second article of #LastBookIRead. I couldn’t find any good pictures too so I’m sorry for the lack of pics. But let’s go!

Author: Michelle Magorian
Genre: Historical fiction (made up characters in a historical time period)
Series?: No
My rating: 10/10

Main Synopsis

Winner of the ‘Costa Children’s Book Award’, this book is about a boy named Henry (as obvious as it is) and is set a bit after WWII. Henry believes his father is a war hero and so does everyone else in the small town. His new stepfather and stepsister annoy him, and he goes to the cinema to get away from them. As the story unravels, Henry starts becoming friends with a girl with a weird low singing voice, a boy whose father was a deserter and a boy who is illegitimate, as well as a lady who is kind of like a chaperone. Henry soon gets a new camera and he can finally see life around him differently, and plot twists and turns when Henry finds out the real secrets of his past...

book, girl, and reading image camera, vintage, and photography image

So that’s it! I really, really really recommend this book (as was recommended by me). It is very emotional at some bits too, but overall is a page-turner. It is kind of long though, but it’s all worth it!

As always, please suggest some books to me, and feedback is appreciated.

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