Aria, A young girl walked through a dark forest to get back home. She walked through the forest every day with her head low listening to music. She was trying to get home but something kept stopping her it was like a wall she couldn't push it, she couldn't brake it, she couldn't get through it, she couldn't do anything so she stayed there sitting on a tree listening to music just wishing she could get home but she didn't know how. She fell asleep but something woke her up... it sounded like a beautiful piano music she couldn't hear it so well so she took of her earphones then she heard it loud and clear so she followed the sound and it got louder and louder but it was still calm and peaceful she felt.. happy so she kept following it, it took time but soon she was lead out of the forest she was very happy she wasn't trapped anymore.

she could've stayed sleeping or sitting down but she heard something beautiful and she followed it.