Have you ever asked yourself? Why am I living? What's the point? Have you ever thought by yourself: "there are so many people in this world, why should I exist, be a waste of space? There are a lot of people, they're just like me, they'll make up the space.."
Never go to this point. Everyone deserves to live. Everyone that is alive, is living for a reason. You' ve got to discover that reason. It won't be laying right under your nose. You must try new things, talk to different people, visit different places, until somewhen, somewhere, you are completely and utterly happy with your life and all that you are. I'm not saying that you should then stop discovering and changing every minute, because that's what all life is about: Change. If you don't change with the world you will suffer. So move with the world and change every day, a bit by a bit, work hard for your goal, for your so-called destiny. Because that's why you're really living. And never , never in the whole world give up. Remember why you started. Remember: bad moments and happy moments don't stay forever. Sometimes you're sad, sometimes you're happy. It changes day by day. And your attitude towars life also should be positive. That's the first step