How do you learn to say no? When the only answer you know is yes. No matter the question my answer is always yes because I do not know how to stand up for myself. It can be the most simple thing like always saying yes when my friends ask me if I want to do something even though I just worked a 9 hour shift and in reality just want to go to bed. But then there are the more complex things, like not being able to say no to sex even though I am tired or not in the mood I let him have sex with me. Even though I don't really want to. So I lay there let him take another part of myself while I feel empty and all alone even though he is so close. Just laying there wishing how to say no but I just can't, what am I afraid of?

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But can I really?

I'm afraid of not being taken seriously and that some might not take no for an answer. So even when I'm not giving an answer my answer is always yes because people believe that this is what I want.

That a two letter word can be so hard to say I never thought but sadly it is and yes is a much more common answer these days no matter what I want to say in reality.

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