A lot of us want to share our holiday/winter break on Instagram without worrying whether or not it matches your current theme. Like always, these suggestions won't limit what you post, and don't have specific VSCO Cam (or any other editing app) settings.

A lot of people love strings of lights, especially around the holidays. This is a great way to share light displays around your town/city, your Christmas tree, or candlelight. Wrap something in lights, or have your pet sit near them (make sure they're not doing any chewing) for a cute photoshoot. You can even keep the lights in the background for a soft, glowy edition to your posts.

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This is a classic holiday color. Cookies, ornaments, candies, flannels, candles, and so many more have the color red in them somewhere. Red can be mixed with a wide variety of colors, so you won't have to sacrifice a post because it doesn't match. If red isn't a part of the holiday you celebrate, feel free to trade it for a color that's more relevant.

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No one wants to be cold in the winter, including your followers. Help them feel warm and cozy by posting pictures of hot chocolate/coffee, socks, blankets, fireplaces, sweaters, etc. Think soft and warm. If you're really feeling it, add a warm filter, adjusting it for each post to make sure they look their best. This is an all winter theme, so your posting doesn't have to stop after the holiday season.

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The exact opposite of cozy. Perfect for followers who are currently in summer or have never seen the snow. Post skiing trips, snowy landscapes, sleigh rides, ice skating- share all of your wintery adventures.

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A lot of holiday themed things are glittery. Ornaments, party dresses, jewelry (It's engagement season, after all.)- it's a perfect excuse to share some of your presents or give someone a sneak peek at what they're getting. This theme isn't holiday, or even winter specific, giving you the freedom to post whatever you want.

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Have a wonderful holiday season. Happy posting. ❤️

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It's not a necessary read for this article, but if holiday posts aren't your thing, or you're looking for general tips: I have an article on simple Instagram themes.