Dear 2018,

I hope you are a year full of opportunities and good vibes. 2017 was not the best year, although many great things happened. Things that have huge meaning in others people's lives but for me were like a breeze passing by. 2018, I write to you to let you know I try to hold no expectations regarding next year (you), but it is hard. Every time I catch myself wishing for something to happen in 2018, I stop. Then I had a realization—I do not expect anything from you, but that does not mean I cannot hope for the best. Hope has kept me alive and kicking through so many situations this past year and hoping for you to be a good year is the best thing I can do. I do not expect you to be the greatest, after all you are entitled to your feelings and if you feel like being a bitchy year, then that is up to you—but I also have a choice in that.

Hear me out, I know part of making you a great year is on me. So I have made a list of things I want to do in order to make you great:

1. Do something totally out of my confort zone (something I know I want to do, but have not done because I haven't had the guts)

2. Make new friends (my friends are awesome and I love them to the moon, but making new friends is never a bad thing)

3. Travel (I did put this on the list even though I really cannot control this, student life = broke life, but I do hope I can travel with you, 2018)

4. Don't let anyone tell me I cannot do something.

5. Take the chance, sometimes the risky path is the most wonderful one. How will I ever know if I never try?

5. Finally, forget all about 2017—2018 is a new year full of new possibilities.

No year is ever the same, but I believe these few things will really difference you from the rest. It's not like you have some "big shoes to fill," as I said 2017 was not the best—but consider yourself lucky and unlucky. Lucky there are literally no expectations for you and unlucky because after 2017 it will be hard to see life as I did before.

As cliché as it sounds... 365 new days, 365 new chances. Think about it, imagine all the amazing things we could achieve if we set ourselves to it.

peace out, zoé ✌🏽

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