Hey, I've been wanting to do a playlist here for a long time, so I decided to show you guys my favorite songs of the moment! I hope you like it, I'm very excited for it, you guys can not imagine!

1. All songs on Blackbear's cybersex album
YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY! Blackbear has just released cybersex and is already one of my favorite albums! Please listen to all the songs if you haven't heard!

Mature image tweets, girls like you, and twitter image

2. Him & I - G-eazy and Halsey
PLEASE KILL ME, EXCUSE ME, I'M ALREADY DEAD! THIS MUSIC WAS MY DEATH! Anyone who reads my articles knows that I am a huge fan of Halsey, and now you will know that I am a huge fan of G-eazy too! And they are together, as a COUPLE !!! And I'm freaking out! PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC, THEN THANK ME!

black, halsey, and love image couple, halsey, and g-eazy image

3. MIC Drop - BTS
KPOP FAN? YES! Listen to this anthem created by these incredible boys and don't regret it!

bts, jimin, and jin image bts, jin, and kpop image

4. Over U - LIOHN
That song that has such a good beat! When you put on the headphone and walk in the street it looks like you're inside a movie!

girl, aesthetic, and beach image lips, makeup, and pink image

5. Bloodstream - Astrid S
"He's floating in my bloodstream now" HEAR THAT BEAT! If you don't know Astrid, listen to her, she's amazing! She is a Norwegian singer who became known this year, and is a great suggestion for people who like to pop with sticky beats!

astrid s image astrid s image

6. All songs on Taylor Swift's album reputation
THE QUEEN IS BACK! I suggest you rush to listen to the whole album and then thank me! I'm serious, this woman doesn't make a bad song! My Favorites: I Did Something Bad, End Game, Dancing with Our Hands Tied and Don't Blame Me, but all are good!

Taylor Swift, Reputation, and taylor image Taylor Swift image

7. White Mustang - Lana Del Rey
THE SAD BAD GIRL IS BACK! Speaking again, whoever reads my articles knows that I'm in love with Lana aka one of the people I admire, and she could not stay out of my playlist, because I always hear her! Stay with this music anthem and enjoy!

lana del rey, ultraviolence, and lana image cherry, lips, and aesthetic image

8. Water - New Hope Club
I started listening to them for their covers on Youtube, and recently they released an EP called Welcome To The Club, and my favorite song is Water as you already know! "You got me falling like the rain
As my body turns to water, water"

nature, sea, and sunshine image george smith, blake richardson, and reece bibby image

9. Obsessed - Maggie Lindemann
"I feel your chest, but I can't find your heart...You're so obsessed with yourself" THIS MUSIC IS A MESSAGE TO SOME PEOPLE! (below is Maggie Lindemann if you don't know her)

maggie lindemann, icon, and Maggie image Image by _.Tumblr._

10. Thumbs - Sabrina Carpenter
An old one! Not so old haha I came back to listen to this song these days and I can't stop listening, just like the time when the song had released. Sabrina is my baby!

carpenter and sabrina image girl, sabrina carpenter, and carpenter image

That was the playlist, guys! Of course I'm listening to a lot more than 10 songs, but if I put all the songs would be a very big playlist! I hope you have enjoyed it, and I hope I can do more playslist for you! (Yes, I hear a lot of female singers, GIRL POWER, BABY, haha it was just a coincidence, but I can't deny that we women rocked!)

Go check my other articles, I do everything with much love :)