Hello beauties! So I've just found the #FindYourHalf challenge and I'm really interested in it. I've always wanted an internet friend who I can talk to about anything. So here we go.

- My name is Rebecca and I'm 17 years old. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and go to boarding school in New Hampshire.

- I love photography and everything about it. I love studying it and taking different types of photos everywhere I go.

- I'm really interested in issues going on in the world, specifically climate change, equality, and education. After going to the Women's March in Boston, I've felt empowered and I want to make a difference.

- My favorite shows are Big Brother, Parks and Rec, and That 70s Show. I love comedies, but also those dramatic teen shows that are really unrealistic (Gossip Girl, PLL, Riverdale, Switched at Birth).

- My favorite genre of music is indie pop. I love Wet, BØRNS, and Banks. Some of my other favorite artists are Logic, The Weekend, and Demi Lovato.

- I love writing stories and making up different characters and settings.

- I love traveling, especially to Europe.

- I play tennis and I love sailing more than anything else.

- I'm a good listener and love making others smile