LOL hi guys its me again .. I am going to be sharing with you my song playlist that is just all around awesome if I say so myself !!

1. GLOURIOUS by Macklemore(Ft. Skylar Grey ) Guys this song is the bomb is really upbeat and inspiring . Its a mix of hip hop, rap , and pop music.

2.OUTTA MY HAIR by LOGAN Paul - This song is upbeat and the beat is the best and the lyrics are really funny when, you need some cheering up listen to this song.

3.THESE GIRLS by the why don't we boys-This is song you can dance sing and jam to all at once its just plain awesome.

4.SEVENTEEN by alessica cara - This song is catchy, fun, and empowering to girls everywhere.

Well that's it for today but like this or message me if you want more song reviews because I enjoy doin them ... ENOJOY THE SONGS!