Hello lovelies!
I made a list of things we all can do to make our lives a bit more beautiful and I wanted to share it with you.Hope you enjoy xo

1-Tell the people you love that you love them.

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Say "I love you'' and MEAN IT.Say it wholeheartedly.Tell your dad how you don't know what you would do without him.Tell your mother she's your world.Go shower your best friends and siblings in endless hugs and kisses.Treat your significant other just right.Tell your loved ones you love them.Spend time with them as if it is the last time.

2-Practice gratitude.

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Make sure to be grateful about every little beautiful/good thing you have in your life and watch how things get better and better :)

3-Sing/dance your heart out to your favorite music!

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Blast your favorite music full volume,sing your heart out,dance like crazy,WHO CARES if you look or sound like a frog lmao!It's good for the soul.

4-Cuddle with your pet(if you have any)

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That fluffy loving creature with four paws will lift up your mood!

5-Stay hydrated.

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Water is IMPORTANT.Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day :)

6-Ride a bike and explore your city.

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First of all,you can find new places that you will love(a library,coffee place,a park etc) that you've never been to AND you will be active.

7-Look at the sky.

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Get up earlier and watch the sunrise.Find beautiful cloud shapes.Be blown away by the sunset.Count the stars.Admire the moon.Realize how small your problems are compared to the infinity above us.


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Let all your worries go for a few minutes.Find peace.

9-Make time for the things that bring you joy.

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Hey,I know you're a hardowrking queen/king!But don't forget to make time for the things that make your heart sing and bring your mind at peace.

10-Educate yourself.

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Read,read,read.Because it gives you knowledge,it improves your memory,it boosts your imagination,it forms opinions and perspectives etc.Study hard,but do it for the right reasons.Study because you are proud of knowing those things and you will use them in the future.When you find a topic interesting,google it,learn about it.You can learn anywhere,from anyone,anything,at all times xo

Thank you for reading!