To J.B. - You will never know how much you mean to me and you never will.

d a i l y r o u t i n e
what our days will be like

I want to wake up to your sleepy face, sexy bedhead, and funky breath. I want to see you before the sun comes through our window. And I want to make love to you before the alarm goes off.

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We'll shower together and I will help you wash your back, if you wash mine. I will blow dry and trim your hair, and you'll brush mine while I put my makeup on.

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I want to be the wife that makes eggs for breakfast for us every morning. I want to make sure you take a coffee to go when you head out the door, because I know how you get without caffeine..

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I'll go to work everyday. I will help you pay the bills and do my daily responsibilities. I want to be the wife that has dinner ready for you when you come home from a hard day at work.

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I'll wash the dishes, if you rinse. I will help you keep our home clean and happy. I want to talk to you over dinner.. how did your day go? any funny stories today?

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Getting ready for bed with you will be my favorite part. I'll take off my makeup and we'll brush our teeth together, and I'll stare at you. I'll put my long hair up in a braid, and change into my silk pjs. You'll probably wear nothing and we'll spend hours in bed laughing and kissing instead of sleeping.

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At the very last moment of everyday I'll thank God for giving me you, my dear. I'll thank Him for keeping us safe throughout the day and for keeping us happy. I love you so much, love.

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m e , w i f e & m o t h e r
things I want to do and make time for

I will stay as fit and as healthy as I can with you. I will look for the healthiest recipes and glue them in our cookbook we made when we were kids.

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I will keep my skin and hair routines regular and try to stay young and beautiful for you as long as possible. I want us to be the couple we've always dreamed of being. I want to be the woman you always wanted.

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I will give you our five children we always wanted and I will help you take care of them. We will raise them up to be strong, independent, beautiful-hearted Christians. They will be wonderful.

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No matter how tired I am from being a mother of five, (or more) I will never forget how incredibly blessed I am. I will make sure our family knows what love is and we will have so many family traditions together.

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I will of course, make time to spend with my incredible husband (you) and take him on wonderful adventures. We will still have time for romantic dates, camping trips, and traveling.You and I are going to have an amazing life.

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I cannot wait until our kids are old enough to show them our pictures and scrapbooks from when we we're teenagers. I hate that their are terrible, horrible things in this world that our children are going to experience. I want us to protect them as much as possible.

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other hopes I have when I am a wife & mother:

  • Go to church every Sunday & Wednesday
  • Cook healthy meals for my family and exercise regularly
  • Teach my children how to love and accept people (among many other important things)
  • Take family road trips to different landmarks or states
  • I want our home to be different and happy and full of life
  • I want my husband to be truly happy & fulfilled with joy.
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As a wife and mother, I promise to be good to you. I will never give up when things get rough and heavy. You're the sunshine of my life.

I cannot wait to wake up to you every morning and kiss your forehead every night.

- S.H.

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