I love skincare. Okay? Seriously. love it. I have sooo many skincare products. It's on the same level as makeup for me.
But, one thing that I make sure when focusing on my skincare (and makeup) products.. is I keep it "drug store".
Now, they would be considered higher end drug store products because they are from Target and have those "name brands" and some can be a bit on the higher price scale. But they are still cheaper than a lot of things out there, and they are easy to get your hands on!

I have always had acne prone, combination skin and I've tried everything to fix it. I'm still experimenting so let's talk about what I'm liking right now.
Read to the end for some really helpful images!! (For real. I'm serious.)

Makeup removal.
I've posted about this product before, and I love it!

Image by a s h l y n • g r v c e

Pacifica Cactus Water Miceller Cleansing Tonic. This stuff is great! It takes of all of my eye makeup in one swipe! I just squirt a bit on a cotton pad and I'm done!

I'm still deciding how I feel about this product, and if it works for me. But as of right now, I do suggest it!

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Honestly, I love everything Soap & Glory does so I wasn't hesitant at all about trying this. The only reason I'm not sure how it works for me is because I haven't been using it long.

I love toner. It's one of my favorite steps!

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A lot of people talk about this toner, and it took me a while to switch because I was so obsessed with Pixi Glow Tonic.. but honestly, this is so much better! I prefer the rose petal scent, but they also have cucumber!

I just started using serums because honestly.. I thought they were for old people (oops) but even if that were true, it's never too early for some anti-aging!

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This is the first serum I've ever tried, and I honestly just picked up one from a brand I know I like. So far I'm liking it!

Eye "cream"
This is another one that I just recently started using, I love it so far because I get really puffy under eyes in the morning and it helps!

Image by a s h l y n • g r v c e

Again, I just picked one from a brand I knew I liked but so far the Pixi Eye Elixir is great!


Image by a s h l y n • g r v c e Image by a s h l y n • g r v c e Image by a s h l y n • g r v c e

Okay, I have three different parts to my moisturizers. First, is the clear complexion by Aveeno- it doesn't have SPF so I use it at night. Then, is positively radiant-which does have SPF so I use it in the morning. THEN! Is Pixi Rose Oil Blend.. I mix this with my moisturizer from time to time (not every day and definitely not both morning and night because I'll be way too oily).

Spot Treatment

I don't have a picture for this because all I use is tea-tree oil!

Face Masks
I love love love face masks. They make me feel like I have my shit together (when we all know I don't)

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These L'oreal masks are a little on the pricey side.. but they are AMAZING! 100% comparable to the Glam Glow masks. I actually only have the black, blue, and red ones.. and I multi-mask with them (I'll do a post on multi-masking if wanted!)

My Routine
Here is a photo that has my schedule/routine! You don't want to do every single step every single night.

skincare image

Helpful Stuff!

skin, skincare, and beauty image

This one obviously isn't always 100% true, like you would use more of the L'oreal mask than that.

skin, skincare, and acne image

It can be hard to figure out your skin type so this is helpful!!

This is the Pixi Rose Flash Balm and it's awesome! It can be used as a mask or a primer for your makeup. I usually use it as primer but wanted to mention it because it's an awesome mask.

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xx ashlyn