(please excuse my mistakes in english, it is not my native language)

DAYS (no need stand by the order)

1. listen to one new artist
2. write a letter for someone who is important to you
3. read a book
4. visit new places in your city (restaurant, caffé,...)
5. watch a new tv show
6. watch a talkshow
7. buy yourself something
8. cook
9. compliment someone
10. stay up all night (better on weekends tbh)
11. learn something about history of your family
12. eat a foreign food
13. talk to someone new
14. bake
15. watch a new movie (2016, 2017)
16. watch an old movie (1970 and lower)
17. eat healthy
18. read a poetry
19. listen to another new artist
20. watch your favourite tv show


so i have listened to a new artist, i chose it randomly and i chose hey violet.

i didn´t know anything about them or their music, i just knew they exist but that was it.

head, music, and shiny image hey violet, Halloween, and miranda miller image

i enjoy their music but it is not my cup of tea..

i am not sure but i think there is 5 members of this band and i love their singer! she looks great and she has very nice voice.

accessories, cat eye, and choker image accessories, blonde, and cat eye image chokers, jewelry, and light colors image hey violet and rena lovelis image
(now i just hope this is her and i didn´t choose bad person)

i think from what i have listened the best song is guys my age (don´t really know why because it isn´t anything that i can relate to)

music, hey violet, and guys my age image

my another favourites are:

video images, miranda miller, and nia lovelis image
brand new moves
gif, break my heart, and hey violet image
break my heart
miranda miller, nia lovelis, and casey moreta image
and pure