Being 18 is hard, harder than I thought. being 18 for me was acting (or trying) to act like an adult when really I was still a young girl figuring everything out and after recently turning 20 I look back at the optimistic 18 year old who wanted to fix the world.

1. Think things through

Hunny, you think everyone has innocent and honest intentions, being optimistic is an amazing thing (you will need this later in life) but some people aren't as optimistic and giving as you and you will do things because they seem right in that moment but after you've done them you will realize that a quick thought will save you so much pain.

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2. Boys will break your heart

Don't look at it as a bad thing, grow from it. Think of it hunny as that you will appreciate that one person who is right for you even more and realize what you have. Don't be afraid to love because you might get your heart broken because then you will miss out.

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3. Friends will break your heart more than boys

Losing a friend, losing someone who you thought would always be there and someone who you gave so much to, will break your heart. Trust me you will cry over losing a best friend more than most guys. (P.S. Listen to your mum, she tends to have good senses)

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4. Don't be afraid to say 'I Love You'

You will regret not saying it more than if you do and they don't feel the same way. You haven't experienced it yet but when the person you love more in the entire world says it back it's the most amazing feeling.

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5. Cut your hair!

After school no one gives a sh*t! You do you! Don't be afraid of what anyone (including your parents!) say. Dye it and dye again. Get all the tattoos and piercings you want because you will love them. Don't worry about regretting tattoos you'll still love them. Just be yourself hunny.

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6. Love your body

You will never look like her, stop trying to convince yourself that you will. Stop crying yourself to sleep because you can't wear what all the other girls are wearing or because your bum is bigger. Soon you will learn to love what you have (yes you will have off days) and the person you love will love it too.

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7. You will never always be happy

Listen to this one. You will be sad. Pick yourself up. I know right now it feels like forever but it's not. You might feel alone but you have friends in unexpected places (they will become the best friends you've ever had...)

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8. Listen to yourself (you're great!)

You are smarter than you think. You have great ideas and amazing dreams- listen to them. You could be someone great someday.

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9. Blair is always right

Always listen to Blair Waldorf! She has always right and have no shame in still binge Gossip Girl (Try eating macarons in the bath! You'll love it!)

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10. You'll meet him

I know right now you feel heartbroken and you feel like you've lost a huge part of you. You will realize that he was never meant for you, you are too kind, too caring, too strong willed and you have too many dreams for him. He was too controlling and you couldn't be free. Yes I know what you are thinking, he was dangerous and everything was an adventure but he was wreak less and you compromised yourself for him. I promise you, you will find the most amazing guy. He is everything you dreamed, he's funny, your best friend, he takes care of you but he doesn't let you stop being the Queen you dream of being, he gives you so much love you feel like you are swimming in it, and most importantly you are the happiest you've ever been. He helps you achieve your dreams and he loves every part of you.

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Keep going girl because there is so much ahead of you to look forward to, keep that crown on your head.