In England the decoration includes ''misteltoe'' branches hanging from the roof. According to traditions anyone who stands under it must exchange kisses with loved ones.

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Belgium enters the spirit of Christmas early on Sinterklaas day and with the valuable assistant of Zwarte Piet who distributes gifts from home to home. The children hung the socks of the gifts in the fireplace and left hay and sugar for the Sinterklaas horse. Sinterklaas is Santa Claus.

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In the evening the family gathers for a complete Christmas dinner. Père Noël (Father of Christmas) gives his gifts on December 24th. Great gastronomic pleasures are of great importance for Christmas celebrations. The traditional festive table "Reveillon" consists of seafood and mainly of oysters. The French known red flowers Le Poinsettia or Etoile de Noël use them for interior decoration as well as a gift throughout the holidays.

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In Denmark, before Christmas, many handmade ornaments are made to decorate the houses. Most families make the traditional Alexandrian wreath on their own with four candles that symbolize the four Sundays until the Christmas day. In Denmark, there is a "custom of candle" that is particularly loved by children and serves as a calendar. Each child has a candle divided by horizontal lines or numbers on the days that correspond to Christmas. Each day the candle is switched on until the next line approaches. So the day comes and he will receive his gift. The Christmas Eve is celebrated with the traditional table among the relatives. A big almond is hiding inside the Danish sweet. The lucky person who finds it is rewarded with the so-called "almond gift".

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The "Samichlaus" as it is called on the German side of Switzerland, Saint Nicholas gives gifts to children on December 6th.

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In Italy the Christmas season starts from December 8 and ends on January 6. On December 25 after the traditional lunch, children are used to recite poems to family and their relatives and rewarded with small money gifts. Apart from the Christmas tree, an important symbol of the Italians in the celebration of Christmas is the Fate of the Birth that reminds Francis of Assisi, who was the first to create a representation of the Christmas story with statuettes. All characters except the Divine Infant are placed in the tabernacle since December 8, while the newborn is placed immediately after midnight on December 24th.

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Julenissen, as he is called the Norwegian Santa Claus, along with his assistants brings gifts and good luck to the house and the barn. The Christmas day is called Julbrod, during which the old days were preparing up to 60 different dishes for the table of friends, relatives and of course the family.

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In the days that follow, SinterKlaas turns the whole country together with his assistant Zwarten Piet. Children in the Netherlands receive their gifts on December 5th. Christmas trees are adorned everywhere after SinterKlaas has left the country.

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Christmas Eve is considered the most important day. After a day of fasting the family from the oldest to the children gather at the festive table. Once the first star appears in the sky, the feast can begin. The commencement of the feast is with the sharing of the Christmas cookie as a sign of love and reconciliation.
On the table there is always a dish empty if a visitor appears unexpectedly. The gifts are placed under the Christmas tree and are offered by the youngest in age. Gifts are not addressed to designated persons so they are chosen to be of general interest or use.

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In Finland December 24th is the most important day of the Christmas season.
Traditionally this day is dedicated to the memory of the dead and a visit to the cemetery on Christmas Eve is a custom-made custom. During that night, the snow-covered cemeteries are transformed into impressive luminous beaches of candles.

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