So I hope there is someone like me, loves the sun,beach, light dress but feels something magical in the air in this time of the year.
I absolutely love Christmas, from gifts hunt to The Dinner.
I am from Europe so we give each other gifts right after dinner on 24th but in this article I am going to tell what are my favorite things to do before and during Christmas. SO HERE WE GO!

1.Gift Hunt 👩🏼‍💻
I absolutly love to search for gifts I know my loved ones would absolutely love. I mean I study photography so my back-up plan is always to print some cool picture and give it to them. But that is just back-up plan so I always open Asos and sites like that and hunt. Asos is my always go-to because I shop there for my prom,for b-days and of course for CHRISTMAS!
So yea, I search,save,buy, and WRAP. Which is my second favorite thing.

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2. Gift Wrapping 🎁
So yeah. After I buy and wait a few days and gifts finally ARRIVE I start wrapping gifts. I kind of relax during this activity. I always buy several cute wrapping papers and WRAP WRAP WRAP !

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3. Tree Decorating 🎄
So me and my mom, we always used to buy living tree but her boyfriend tought it is just useless mess but this year It's BACK! So yeah, I love the smell, the color, just everything ! I always decorate the big tree with mom, I love shopping for decorations with her, planning color palette, material and everything.
This year we ordered some handmade decorations, they are super cute. Colors are red-green-gold classical christmas colors I guess. And I can't wait untill decorating day !

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4. Christmas cooking&baking 👩‍🍳
So I am the cook in my family so I bake too. Since I was little I always loved helping my mom in kitchen.
Christmas baking is like the best thing ever, I love the smell of christmas cookies. I always make classical gingerbread wreath and I fill some of them with jam, christmas stollen with almond or raisins (not sure about the term lol) and some chocolate muffins. There is just four of us so we do not need lots of food but I enjoy it no matter if I bake ton or just one pan. And for dinner Slovak usual is cabbage soup. When I was little me and my father we always walked on the cabbage (its good for fitting it in tub) and at christmas we boil it for like three hours, throw there some smoked sausages and boil it for another hour or two.

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5. Wearing Christmas socks and sweaters
I confess, I do this since October but why not?! I own few Christmas t-shirts,socks and cozy sweaters. I love it, sit on the couch with hot chocolate with marhshmallows and with cozy festive socks on.

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6.The mood during Christmas day. 😊
I wake up, put on cozy clothes head to the kitchen. My mom already made breakfast and Christmas Carols are the back-up music during breakfast. Then we start boiling soup, and bake some last cookies. Whole day is super calm an I love it. Then my dad calls me If I can bring some of my cookies for dinner at 9pm and my mood goes up. We'd play some board games and around 2pm would my brother arrive- super exciting I haven't seen him for months. He would help me with fish and meat. Mom would show me -again, how to make perfect mashed potatoes. I would make the salad and around 6pm we would start with the dinner.

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7.Seeing them with gifts. 💝
I love that feeling. What else to say.

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