Hi everyone! I just wanted to post on here some ideas that got me into the holiday spirit! I personally LOVE Christmas!! It's my favorite time of the year because I love seeing everyone's faces when they open the gifts I got them. But here's some things that got me into the spirit!

1. Decorative Pillows

christmas, dog, and winter image
I've just started doing decorative pillows this year for different holidays, and let me tell you, just adding a touch of these in your bedroom or living room totally makes you feel like you've already decorated and gotten ready!

2. Hot Chocolate

christmas, winter, and coffee image
Who doesn't love to sit in comfy clothes and drink a nice hot chocolate!

3. Sweaters

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Wearing warm and cozy things during winter is a must!

4. Going Holiday Shopping

christmas, present, and winter image
Or also doing DIY gifts is great to! Honestly they're super fun, and your friends and family will appreciate them even more!

5. Decorating the tree

christmas, winter, and home image
No matter how you celebrate, I feel like decorating the tree is iconic.

6. Vlogmas
If you don't know what vlogmas is that's okay! I didn't until like 2 or 3 years ago. But basically youtubers vlog every day until Christmas (or try to) and they upload a new video everyday. A lot of the time they are always doing holiday things, so this always gets me in the mood to decorate or go Christmas shopping.
Some youtubers I watch are Sierra Furtado (her vlog channel has vlogmas), Tori Sterling, Kelsey Simone, Keaton Milburn and a lot of others but these ones I know are doing vlogmas this year.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Follow me for more content :))))

Disclaimer: All photos are from weheartit.com and you can find them in my winter or Christmas collection :))))