these are just some of my favorite artists currently and generally, and along with the artist name i will include a few of my favorable songs created by them.

1. blackbear
songs i recommend: all of his album 'digital druglord,' 'cybersex', 'drink bleach', 'cashmere noose' and 'the afterglow.' if you really enjoy those, i suggest searching up his older music, 'sex the mixtape' which is also really good, along with his acoustic eps located on soundcloud ('dead' and 'the salt ep' are some of his acoustic side of music).

2. halsey
songs i recommend: pretty much all of 'badlands' and 'hopeless fountain kingdom' is amazing, but i would also recommend what got her here in the first place, 'room 93' and her side single 'tokyo narita'. her acoustic and slower versions of some of her songs are amazing too (ex. the 'strangers' and 'is there somewhere' acoustic\stripped versions are great). again, if you feel the need for more of her, i suggest searching up her older music when she went by the name ashley fragipane, and some good songs are 's.o.s', 'tilt you back', and 'drunk'. she used to cover a ton of artists, including taylor swift.

3. taylor swift
songs i recommend: i actually really enjoyed her latest album 'reputation' and my favorite by far was 'getaway car', but the entire album is amazing.

4. twenty one pilots
songs i recommend: their music has grown a larger audience over the years, and even though people kind of manipulated the idea of them as overrated, i still believe that their music is good, and the entirety of their stuff is recommended. i love all of their albums, but my favorites would have to be 'vessel' and 'regional at best' because im a sucker for alternative sounds, and i just think tyler put it together very nicely.

5. harry styles
songs i recommend: I've never been a very big fan of one direction, but since i love halsey so much ive heard of her love for the band and particularly harry styles, and i thought why not try him out. I've also heard that he is a lgbtq and feminism supporter, which is a plus. i really enjoyed 'kiwi', 'from the dining table', 'woman', and 'sign of the times' off of his self titled album.

6. nirvana
songs i recommend: as you can see, my music taste is kinda all over the place, and my listenings are very varied. however, i do enjoy rock as well, and even though nirvana was considered to be mainstream in their times, they still had some good music. 'smells like teen sprit', 'rape me', and 'heart shaped box' were some that i enjoyed.

7. g-eazy
songs i recommend: I've always been found of g, even before he was with h. 'these things happen', and 'when its dark out' are probably his most famous records, but lately he's been releasing some singles from his new album 'the beautiful and the damned', and some i liked were 'no limit', 'the plan', and of course, 'him and i' with halsey.

8. nothing, nowhere
songs i recommend: recently i attended a concert earlier in the month of november to see blackbear and fall out boy, and when we entered the arena, the first opening act was playing and it was nothing, nowhere. although he's kinda new to the music industry, his new album 'reaper' and pretty good. 'houdini' and 'nevermore' are some songs that are stuck in my head usually.

9. jeremy zucker
songs i recommend: i discovered jeremy when he first did his collaboration with blackbear, titled 'talk is overrated'. i believe my cousin also saw him in concert as well, but some songs i enjoyed were '99.9' and 'idk love'.

10. lany
songs i recommend: if youre a fan of the 1975, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy lany. they're slowly progressing in the music industry, and they have this alternative vibe to them. '13', 'pancakes', 'good girls' and 'made in hollywood' are great.

11. paramore
songs i recommend: I've been absolutely loving paramores new album, 'after laughter', and some songs i loved were 'fake happy', 'tell me how', and '26'.

12. the neighborhood
songs i recommend: I've been a fan of the neighborhood for a while now, and theyve released a ep titled 'hard' recently. i enjoyed '24\7' and 'you get me so high'.

13. the manchester orchestra
songs i recommend: recently discovered them as well, a friend on instagram brought them to my attention! i would recommend listening to 'the gold', 'the alien', and 'the maze'.

14. panic! at the disco
songs i recommend: I've always loved panic. one of my cousins introduced me to them a couple years ago and I'm so glad she did. i would recommend all of 'death of a bachelor', all of 'too weird to live, too rare to die', 'the ballad of mona lisa', 'lets kill tonight', 'hurricane', 'memories', 'trade mistakes' 'ready to go (get me out of my mind)', 'the calendar', 'sarah smiles' and of course 'i write sins not tragedies'.

15. billie ellish
songs i recommend: billie has also been getting recent fame lately, which is understandable since she has such great music. the entirety of 'dont smile at me' is good, but 'bored' and 'ocean eyes; the blackbear remix' is good too.

thats about it! i hope i gave you some new songs or artists to attempt to listen to :)