So how do you learn? How do you learn to cope with the fact that the person who meant most to you has gotten up and left? How are you suppose to be okay with it? When does the pain stop? Will I ever be okay? Their is an answer for all this: Time.
Yeah, of course it's not going to be easy, but it really is a one step at a time process. And while their is other people who seem to heal at a faster rate, for some us it takes a little longer. We all heal at our own rate. Their is no speeding up the process. Their will be days where you feel like the load on your shoulders is starting to get lighter and things are FINALLY looking up for you. Then their is days where it feels like the wound has just opened up all over again. Just like we all heal at our time, we also grieve differently. I had a friend who slept with different guys when she went through a heartbreak. I didn't judge. That was her way of picking up her pieces when she was destroyed. Others like to torture themselves by listening to sad music while we are already down (I am VERY guilty of this). Remember this little tip: you can't/won't heal after 24 hours. It really takes time, but you have to want to heal. This is coming to you from a girl who has gone through heartbreak more than once. I wasted 5 years trying to get over my ex and when I think back to it that is a big NO NO. I was opening the wound back up every time I went back to him to only have the same heartbreak result each time. Those 5 years? Those are years I will never get back. Accept what has happened and allow yourself to start healing. Their comes a certain day and this is the day everyone looks forward to after a heartbreak. It is the day where you face reality and know that maybe things might not be all perfect, but you are starting to heal and it feels GREAT! Having a bad day? Try a few of these things:
- Shower and make yourself all pretty
(Even if deep down all you wanna do is lay under your covers)
- Go for a walk. Allow you and your head to get some fresh air
- Read a book
- Get your favorite ice cream
- Listen to music (None of that sad stuff though :P)
- Sit down and talk to your parents about anything and everything. As we get older we realize they really are our best friends.
- Smile! (Even if you don't mean it. Takes more muscles to frown than smile)
- Write
Eventually, everything will start looking up. Once you have healed completely and find a new signficant other please please please remember this: don't make them pay for the person who broke your heart mistakes. You don't know what they went through before meeting you and they are not the person from your past. The pain you went through is a chapter in your life that once you have completely healed, you turn the last page to it and don't go back to it anymore ever again. Start your new chapter and don't think that every chapter will end in failure. I am a firm believer in happy endings and I'm sure you'll find yours <3