I was thinking what should i write next in my journey, i don't know truly so i will write and get to point i guess.

It is not easy. I knew it would be hard but i feel like i am getting nowhere because of my mistakes i am doing constantly. For example i can't say no to someone who offers me food. I don't think, i just take. I guess i am not strong enough mentally, so that is what i have to work on or i will get nowhere.

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The good things I am doing is that i don't drink my calories, like juices or soda. I realize how juices are not important to me, I don't have to and i don't want to drink them.
I started to workout, but less than 15 minutes, cause of finals i don't have so much time. And i really have to get good grades.

I have so much more to learn and need more discipline if i really want to do this. I really want, but I am eating even if I am not hungry. I am just bored i guess. After i eat something unnecessary like sweets i feel bad cause i am cheating on myself. But i just don't think or i don't listen my voice who is saying i shouldn't.

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This motivate me more


I usually have 3-4 meals per day. The breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in the school, if I am hungry. And i try to eat the healthier i can. I have everyday fruits like apples, bananas or orange. The biggest problem is without control eating. Like i just go to kitchen and i just take something, like leftovers or sweets. That is really bad and i know that, but i said it earlier i am not strong enough mentally, maybe i don't want it anymore that hard how it was in the beginning, but i refuse to give up.

Today was like the worst day of this journey. I ate to much, like i wasn't hungry, but i see food and i eat it. Why I am doing this, i just feel so bad and angry of myself. I am so frustrate right now, i just want to feel happy and fit and be confident, but i am losing this battle. I refuse to give up, i will fight even if bad days like this come. That doesn't mean it is over. I can win this battle.

From now, i will not try i will be better and more stronger and i will think before i take. Cause no one can do this for me, expect me. So f*ck it, i will do it. I can do it. I just have to believe in me more.
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So, i will just end my article here and yeah tomorrow will be better day i hope. I need to get some sleep, cause i am really tired. Goodnight guys.
Positive thoughts, love