Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to Day 5 of 24 Days Of BasicallyKelly! This article isn't christmas related however during christmas break / the holidays theres no school and it's a time to enjoy ourselves and relax. It's finals week for some people and for me i have a ton of assignments, presentations and essays to complete which is really stressful. Therefore ,here are my tips to destress :)

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Music helps me relax and makes me happy so i like to play a playlist of relaxing and 'chill vibe' music. Make sure it isn't pop music with a loud beat unless you're looking for a jamming session!

I have a spotify playlist on relaxing music - username: kellykw

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Light some candles with a fresh scent or any scent of your choice. It'll create a relaxing atmosphere in your room and help you get in the mood :)

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Staying in your school/work uniform or jeans isn't very ideal and can be quite uncomfortable when you're trying to kick back and relax. I like to change into a hoodie and sweatpants or pyjamas ; whatever is most comfortable for you. As it's winter, wearing fluffy socks are super comfy too! Don't forget to gather fluffy and warm blankets to snuggle up in! Fluff up your pillows and find a place to settle down.

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Whenever i get stressed or just want to zone out away from my responsibilities i love reading book wether its fiction or non-fiction. Its like going into another world and reading is good for you. So grab your favourite book and give it a read. If books aren't your thing then you can watch a movie or netflix series. As its the holidays , its there perfect time to watch some classic christmas movies or catch up on the latest tv show! If you're more of an artistic person then grab a sketch , pencil and draw to your hearts content or you could even bullet journal !

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I love putting on face masks and relaxing as its like a self pamper session. Face masks are overall really fun and calming so apply your favourite mask and sit back. You can also take a bath and throw in your favourite bath bomb! Try and forget about all your responsibilities and homework. Realistically it sounds like a bad idea however when you're trying to have a break ,ignore the issues in your life.

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That is my guide to relaxing and distressing. I hope these tips help and it's good to have lazy days every now and then to just lay back and throw away all the negativity and anxiety happening in your life. It helps me get back on track and relieve my mind.

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