Ahh, we all love christmas movies.
They share the joy and spirit of christmas with us!
Here's a list of (christmas) movies I plan on watching on my winter break:

the santa clause 1, 2, 3

christmas, elf, and holidays image the santa clause image

santa claus: the movie

christmas image christmas, movie, and santa clause image

how the grinch stole christmas

quotes and Relationship image hate, grinch, and christmas image

the nightmare before christmas

christmas, Halloween, and haunted mansion image christmas, jack, and the nightmare before christmas image

almost christmas

almost, christmas, and december image gabrielle, union, and dailymail image

christmas carol

christmas, Jim Carey, and a christmas carol image christmas, city, and holiday image

four christmases

chrismas, navidad, and veinticuatro image christmas, winter, and light image

I haven't watched any of these movies, so they'll be exciting since it'll be my first time watching them.

P.S I'm sorry but I couldn't find images for some of the movies