This I write today to who will live in 2018.

You are on a mission.

You tried very well in 2017 to achieve what you wanted and for the first time in so many years you saw the results and you were so happy! DON'T FORGET THAT! DON'T FORGET THAT YOUR EFFORTS MADE YOU HAPPY!

Don't give up on your dreams! you can do it! you will have it one day! -everything that you wished for, so keep trying!

Keep note of your daily actions, work hard, push your limits and always keep believing.

Goals for the new year-

1)follow your exercise schedule and eat healthy.

2)Break your old fitness records and set new ones and keep breaking them as well.

3)Read books that will increase and expand your knowledge.

4) start learning a second language! (seriously you want to do this since when)

5)Study well and score better!

6) travel during the summer

7) take part in competitions in will need it for applications later.

8) Work on your poetry

9)Believe in yourself!

all the best! I hope you succeed in 2018 :)