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How are you? I hope your fine. Today is December 5th and this is my first article on WHI! I was thinking a week about the perfect theme for my first article but I couldn't decide. After a lot of thinking I decide that the theme for my first article is some ways to get in Christmas mood because it's too early to write about Christmas Decoration Ideas, The Best Christmas Movies or something like that. So, here is 5 Ways To Get In Christmas Mood!

1) Christmas Decoration(Lite):
I love the Christmas decoration and especially the Christmas lights, the cute snowmans and the decorated trees! l think that it's not the time for the Christmas tree yet, but you can decorate your room/house with Christmas lights,little snowmans/Santa Clauses,perfumatic candles,red socks or something like that.

2) Christmas Clothes/Accessories:
Another way to get in Christmas mood is wearing Christmas clothes or just hoodies and accessories. Especially the girls, love wearing big hoodies because we feel like...I don't know how to explain our feeling but I'm sure that hoodies is the second reason(first are Christmas)why we love winter! Also, you can wear Rudolf's ear or something else to your head.

3) Christmas Sweets/Drinks:
Every Christmas, I am waiting to eat the Christmas sweets and biscuits. Who doesn't love them?They are incredibly delicious and cute(Sometimes I don't wanna it them...I just want to put them somewhere in my room and look at them all day)!Also, you can drink some hot chocolate or tea in a Christmas cup!

4) Christmas Books/Movies/Songs/Youtube Videos:
As I said, I think it's too early for Christmas movies but some people like watching Christmas movies since December. You can read a Christmas book or you can make a playlist of Christmas songs to listen to while you are relaxing. Also, you can watch a Youtube video about Christmas. Especially now, there are a lot of Vlogmas to watch anytime!

5) Christmas Shopping/Walk:
Last but not least, Christmas shopping can get you in Christmas mood because the malls are decorated from December with so much fantasy and they look so beautiful. By the way you can buy the Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Another way is to go for a walk outside especially if it's snowing.I know it's cold outside should dress up with lots of clothes!

That was my oppinions and my ideas for getting in Christmas mood. I think that you already know them and maybe you already do them but I just wanted to tell them to you. If you want send me a postcard to tell me about your oppinions,your ideas and your ways to get in Christmas mood. Also, tell me what do you like the most of my oppinions.I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please heart it because I really spent a lot of time for my article and also follow me for more articles and daily posts!
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