I'm in that moment in life when I know something and I have to decide what to do about it. The moment that all those inspirational quotes train you for. The moment in your life that, in the long run, will be utterly insignificant but you will always remember.

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If you are like those girl power and women rights gurus then good for you, because you are strong, powerful and are capable of standing your ground. But if you are like me, someone that believes in those same ideals and rights but can't apply them to yourself, then honey, we have a problem. Because believe me you will only hurt yourself more.

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I decided to write this article today because of someone in my life, a boy with "greenish" blue eyes. Long story short (because I don't want to bore you) he is using me, he doesn't like me, he just thinks i'm kind of hot and that i'm good at making out? I don't even know anymore.

Can anyone tell me why a guy would think it was alright to make out with a girl whenever he wants, only text her when bored, tell her they were JUST FRIENDS and to tell anyone anything??

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Nowadays it's hard for almost everyone not to feel self-conscience of themselves, but when we treat each other like this it's just very sad.

The moral of the story is that I shouldn't be treated like that, you shouldn't be treated like that, no girl or guy or animal should feel like I do when every time I look at him he looks away just to invite me to his house when we are alone!

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Just remember that if someone doesn't see it them it's their problem.


- justbatmansgirl